InMe is a children's outdoor adventure company that conducts life training programmes for children. 

  • Visually very rich site with videos and image galleries
  • Use of TypeKit for uncommon fonts
  • SlideshoPro integration for images and videos Facebook, Twitter, Picasa integration
  • Event schedules and registration
  • Ubercart based E-Commerce shop
  • Payment Gateway integration with EBS, for both Merchandise and Events
  • Optimisation techniques such as CSS Sprites, Image compression used; integration with a CDN for serving images

Itu Chaudhuri Design conceptualized and designed the InMe site for the client, while Srijan implemented the same in Drupal. The high visual richness of the site, with use of non-standard web fonts made the theming of the website quite complex. The site is hosted on the fault-tolerant hosting environment provided by Scutiger