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The Drupal community has been growing from strength to strength over the years. It is a lot easier to find Drupal teams now. However, it takes a lot more than pure coding to create a business oriented, high-performance Drupal application or website. Especially when it comes to enterprise-class applications. Srijan has developed and implemented Drupal websites that integrate with a host of enterprise applications. These include Drupal integrations with

Many enterprises and large website owners often end up with less than optimal Drupal implementations either because they chose a team that didn’t understand the business aspect of the implementation or because of other reasons. They frequently come to Srijan to help them sort out the ‘mess’ their projects have landed in. Their projects face performance issues, are bug ridden, and slow down processes that are integrated with it. Srijan has handled several large Drupal projects, first auditing them to identify the performance and security bottlenecks, and then working with the website development teams to address the challenges, handle updates and upgrades, migrations, and building out new features.