Clubvivre, based out of Singapore, is an e-commerce platform that offers customized dining solutions to individuals and organizations.

  • The new version of the website integrates all processes seamlessly, enabling Clubvivre to deliver on its promise of end-to-end service.
  • Scalable, easy to use website with responsive design

Clubvivre partners with the best chefs in Singapore to provide fully customized menus and services at events—big and small, from 2 to 200+ guests. Clubvivre arranges all the rentals, including party space and glass crockery, and staff for these events. Clubvivre also partners with art galleries, shophouses, yachts and kitchen studios to offer space to its customers.

Clubvivre had an existing website developed in Drupal. The company was working with different Drupal agencies in China and East Europe, on an ad-hoc basis. This was not working out for Clubvivre. So the company was looking for a Drupal partner, with matching values, to improve the existing website considerably. Around the same time, in September 2012, Andries De Vos, Co-founder, Clubvivre, met Rahul Dewan, Founder Srijan Technologies, at Drupal Camp, Singapore.

“It was a serendipitous meeting with Rahul. I had options to work with Drupal companies in China and East Europe, but I decided on Srijan for both rational and emotional reasons. Rational: their skills and commercials matched my expectations. Emotional: I have experience in running companies democratically, so there was a definite affinity with Srijan,” says Andries.

Andries liked Srijan’s approach of having a holistic business view for Drupal website development. After several rounds of discussion, Srijan Dharamshala started working on the project.

Challenges and Solutions

There were several challenges in the earlier website. The user interface was not very friendly leading to high bounce rates. Having a dining event involves many processes, such as getting cuisine options, finding a chef, finding his/her availability, booking a venue, arranging for staff, renting crockery, etc. These processes were not well integrated. Users would visit the website, take the contact details and conduct the business on phone. So the key purpose of the website to enable coordination between various parties and handle transactions was not being met very well.

Clubvivre needed an end-to-end, scalable solution. Srijan Dharamshala team went about the preliminary research and requirement analysis for the project. They found certain errors in the Drupal base coding and contributed modules. This would have led to major development challenges in the future. 

Andries came to Dharamsala and worked with the Srijan team on the concept, wireframes, design and workflows for the second version of the website. An agile approach to develop a minimum viable product was formed. An initial prototype with critical features was developed during his visit. Srijan set a target of two weeks from project kick-off to the first Go Live. And then continued to plan, iterate and deliver four more sprints over the next three months. This covered a range of product offerings, server migration and optimization, and social media integration.

Srijan development team chose Drupal 7 platform for the website. The team zeroed in on Commerce Kick Start, the Drupal installation profile for e-commerce web applications. Different functions and features of the website now make it easy for customers find the chefs just right for their events.

The application development process led to several new features being added. The Chef Profiles is one such feature. It provides all the available information about a particular chef, including the menus and recipes he/she offers. Another feature, the Chef Marketplace offers a list of chefs, and allows users to filter the chefs based on different heads like cost, menus, availability and ratings. After the event, hosts can also rate the chefs, based on the service provided.

The development went as per the plan even when Andries was traveling extensively. This was because the Srijan team maintained a pro-active and accurate communication channel through the project. Since March 2014, Clubvivre's internal team looks after the development and maintenance of the portal.

Business benefits

  • In offering the e-commerce portal through which people can book chefs for their personal parties, Clubvivre interconnects many processes to serve the customers better.
  • End-to-end solution: This version of the website delivers on its promise of end-to-end service and related information to customers. All the processes are integrated seamlessly.
  • Easy to use website that’s scalable: Srijan’s development team built a Drupal-based application that will be easy to maintain, and highly scalable. Clubvivre can add fields, menu items, and content to fulfill business requirements that come up. Additionally, as and when business grows they can easily scale up the architecture to include more chefs and services.
  • Increased Reach: The website has built-in responsive design. Customers will get consistent experience across different mobile and desktop devices. This has increased the reach of Clubvivre to customers who are primarily on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.