QA Automation

We make sure you have a high-performing product, in the fastest possible time, with industry leading tools and frameworks like Selenium, Behat, and Jenkins.

A dynamic business environment demands rapid product development. To ensure that businesses can launch products faster, QA Automation is now a critical service. By eliminating application failures and creating automated reporting, QA Automation enables enterprises to a create a better quality product, in the fastest possible time, cost effectively.

Srijan’s QA Automation teams help enterprises reduce manual effort in testing and improve overall application performance.

With industry leading frameworks and tools like Behat, Selenium, CasperJS, JMeter and BlazeMeter, we ensure that human errors are eliminated, while ensuring continuous integration for your applications using tools like Jenkins. For security and vulnerability management of your IT system and web applications we use tools like OWASP ZAP and Qualys.

All this is evaluated in complete sync with your team.

Test Plan: We create a test plan for every project/product. This describes the scope, approach, resources and schedule of intended test activities. It helps our team identify tools, environments and specialization required to ensure product quality.

Regression Testing: Depending on the software size and need, regression is done manually, or automated, or a combination of both is used.

Sanity Tests On Production: For every application, a list of business critical scenarios and sanity tests are prepared. We perform post-release sanity tests on the production environment to validate that everything, including all third-party systems, work as expected.


QA automation services by Srijan

QA Automation

Ensure rapid production and faster go-to-market times. Srijan's QA Automation tools and frameworks deliver enhanced application performance.